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Rossett Controlled School 1950/51
<b>Nesta Sidwell (Clays) contributed this picture and wrote</b>:
Class Rossett School 1950 most of the class were leaving school in 1950/51
front row Ann Bickerstaff------Jean Rose-------Shelia Tilston ----Glenis Jones
second row (??)_---------------(??)-------Babara Humphries--Nesta Clays-----Rita Jones---Shelia Finchett
in the 2nd row one is Shelia Bailey
third Row (??)-----(??)---Col Jones---John Taylor--John Griffiths---------------------(??)----(??)--Mr Thomas
others in the rear Walter Hughes , Keith Dunning, Geoffrey Holmes , Phylis Foxhall
(But unsure of which is who)
1 at the back Mr Witt to the left of the door Joan Humphries
We will gather all the info eventualy !

Date: 22/10/2003 21:32
Added by: steveA
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1 #1 steveA commented on February 22 2005 10:26:14
Can anyone fill the gaps?
84 #2 kylieer commented on February 21 2006 19:56:26
Third Row: GEORGE BENSON, KATHLEEN ROSE, CARL Jones---(??)--John Griffiths --------------------(??)----(??)--Mr Thomas
1 #3 steveA commented on February 21 2006 20:01:26
Thanks Kylie - anyone else got any names for us?
1 #4 steveA commented on October 16 2006 18:32:06
John Griffiths sent this from Oz:
Please be advised that the student between Carl Jones and John Griffiths is John Taylor so you can update.
Thankyou, John Griffiths
4 #5 welshman007 commented on November 29 2006 04:01:51
Thankyou for entering my comment can John Taylors name be put in place on photo.
1 #6 steveA commented on November 29 2006 04:06:51
Yup - done

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