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The Alyn Singers


Recently been contacted today by Bernard Rosset who owns rosset.net (note the lack of a 'T' in rosset). He has been getting misdirected mail for The Alyn Singers because I put the wrong address on the website oops Frown

I've corrected it now in the Directory and Weekly Diary, but if anyone has tried to contact the singers using the wrong address - they ain't received it.

Correct address is thealynsingers @ rossett.net - note the double 't'. Please remove the gaps before and after the @. I've put in the gaps deliberately to try and stop email harvesters scooping it up for spammers!

Drama Group news


Darland Community Theatre held a successful production of a thriller, 'Dead Guilty', at Darland School on 7th-9th April 2016.
The group were able to donate £ 200 to Darland School, for use in the performing arts, £ 100 to the Mayor of Wrexham's Charitable Fund, and £ 100 to Gresford & District Community Library.
The next play will be performed at the school on 27th - 29th October 2016.
The group welcomes new members. Please phone 01978 355132 , visit www.darlandtheatre.com, or email communitytheatre@rossett.net.

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WCBC Local Development Plan


Just lifted this from the Community Council Facebook Page (I've added the bold italic type)

Wrexham County Borough Council is currently consulting on its Local Development Plan which sets out plans for the County through until 2038 including proposed developments for housing. Several locations in Rossett have been identifiied as candidate development sites for additional housing including Lavister Golf Course, land bordering Trevalyn Way, Harwoods Lane and Rossett Road and land behind the Golden Lion. Consultation closes on the 31st March, Rossett Community Council have arranged an open public meeting to discuss the proposals on Thursday 24th March, 7pm at the Village Hall, Station Road. This is your opportunity to give your views on the proposals within the LDP that could have a profound effect on your village. Please make every effort to attend.

As per the previous News Item its not just the old Golf Course!

Development on Former Golf Course


Nigel Bruce has put an entry into the Diary about a meeting on 24th March in the Village Hall, Station Road at 7pm

For further information, Nigel can be contacted on 01244570552 Email: nigel@njbruce.co.uk

Details are:

The owners of the former golf club on Chester Road are proposing a development of houses on some 9.39 acres. Several residents who live in the locality are opposed to the scheme and a meeting has been arranged on Thursday 24th March to discuss the proposals and what the implications might be should the proposal, which would appear to have the support of Wrexham CBC planners, be successful.
The meeting commences at 7.00pm and is in the Rossett Village Hall, Station Road.

Darland Woods


We don't want to lose access to Darland woods. Please support our efforts.

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