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Rossett Recreation Ground


Received the following email from Brian Doyle, Clerk to the Community Council. It is everyone's chance to put suggestions forward about the Recreation Ground

I wonder if you could help the Community Council in its quest for views on the needs of the Recreation Ground with particular reference to Younger children.

I am in the throws of applying for grant aid from WREN Environmental Group and they are very keen on the idea that the views of users should be taken into account.

Could you put something into the mag./website which would invite the parents of youngsters to tell me, or you, what their kids would like to have in the playground.

I imagine that many parents have visited the playground at The Plassey where they have a vast number of items, which I believe cost about £80,000 ( We can’t get that sort of money from Wren but it could give us some ideas.)

My E mail address is  fbriandoyle@sky.com
Telephone                          01978 290380

Many thanks


You can reply to Brian via the email/phone number above or via the Community Council website