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Recently I've deleted content that is more than a year old - so the only thing left in the Forum is my entry from August 2017!

I've been running the website on behalf of RECAP since 2005. In those days there was little else 'published' on the web about Rossett.

Since then (13 years!) things like Facebook have  become popular and it is now easy for individuals and groups to set up their own websites. Indeed the Community Council, Village Hall, BRHS, Darland Theatre, Village Festival, Playgroups etc etc have already done so.

Many people may still be viewing Rossett Online, but the main 'visitors' seem to be spammers attempting to register and add 'rubbish' - my anti-spam controls stop on average 200 per day!

Because of this, and the fact that it is increasingly difficult to keep details up to date, I have decided to cut down the information available. In particular I will soon be removing the Diary and Directory.

If anyone would like to take on www.rossett.org.uk on behalf of RECAP and the Community with a view to refreshing its look and feel/content etc. please contact the webmaster

Darland Community Theatre


Darland Community Theatre held its Autumn 2017 production at the school on 2nd - 4th November. The production was a collection of short plays, monologues and sketches under the heading of 'Tears and Laughter'.
The group were able to make their usual donations to good causes. £ 200 was given to Darland High School, and £100 each to The Mayor of Wrexham's Charity Fund, Wales Air Ambulance, and the 'Heddfan' Adult Mental Health Dept at the Maelor Hospital.
The next production is due to be performed at Darland on 5th - 7th April 2018. Further details will be circulated in the New Year.

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